The biggest shock to the fans of iPhone 13! This touchscreen feature will not be available in the new model, know quickly

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iPhone 13 There is bad news for the people who are eagerly waiting for it. Actually, a report is claiming that the company is going to remove a touchscreen feature from its upcoming iPhone. If this turns out to be true, then many fans may get a big shock. Let’s talk in detail, what is the whole matter and which feature the company is going to remove.

Indeed, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has tested and appears to have rejected in-display fingerprint readers for iPhones, at least for now. In his weekly Power On newsletter, Gurman said that Apple will not be adding in-screen Touch ID to the iPhone 13 series. While Apple tested in-screen Touch ID for the next flagship iPhones, it won’t cut it this year. “I believe Apple is on Face ID for its high-end iPhones and its The long-term goal is to implement Face ID in the display itself.”

Gurman explains the possible ways Face ID and Touch ID will be added to the iPhone in the future:

  • The expensive model may feature in-screen Face ID, which Samsung offers in its latest high-end foldable phone, the Galaxy Z3 Fold. In low-end models, Apple may go for Face ID with a notch.
  • High-end phones get in-screen Face ID, while affordable models sport in-screen Touch-ID.

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iPhone 13 models may be launched next month
Of course, this will be known only after the launch of the iPhone 13 series early next month. Apple is set to hold its annual iPhone event in September. While no date has been announced yet. Apple’s iPhone event traditionally takes place on a Tuesday in the second week of September. The same is on 7th September this year. Another date could be September 14th, which is the second Tuesday of the month.

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These features will be very new in iPhone 13
As per other predictions made earlier by Gurman, the Apple iPhone 13 lineup is expected to come with at least three major new camera and video-recording features. According to him, these will be significant advancements in devices over 2020 models – with the addition of new processors, of course.
The rumored camera enhancements include a video version of the phone’s Portrait Mode feature and the ability to record video in a high-quality format format called ProRes. Speculations also suggest a new filter-like system that will improve the look and feel of photos.


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