WonderWash Snow Foam car wash Shampoo,Formula For Safe, Spot Free Cleaning


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If you want a top of the line snow foam shampoo, then look no further and experience the massive suds of ArNiGo WonderWash Kool Snow Foam!
It is a gentle car wash foam shampoo that is the professional secret to maintaining a scratch and swirl-free shine.
ArNiGo WonderWash Snow Foam is a hi-tech shampoo specifically designed to create copious amounts of cleaning suds in a foam cannon or foam gun to lubricate the surface and to avoid scratching during washing.
ArNiGo Kool Snow Foam adds a blanket of super-slick and slippery car wash suds that lubricate abrasive dirt particles. This blanket helps prevent swirls and scratches with every wipe and adds a rich layer of snow foam, which helps remove dirt from even the smallest cracks and crevices.
ArNiGo Kool Snow Foam is the perfect way to maintain a flawless finish with every car wash!
ArNiGo Kool Snow Foam Shampoo is a concentrated, pH neutral soap designed specifically for making exceptional levels of foam through a foam cannon connected to a pneumatic or electric pressure washer. Our formula prevents spotting even when washing in the direct sun.
  • Safely removes dirt, pollen, soot, and other contaminants
  • Does not remove wax or sealants, or dry out plastic and rubber
  • Creates a huge amount of thick, clinging foam for a foam cannon setup
  • Rinses clean without streaks
ArNiGo Kool Snow Foam is thicker, slicker, and gentler than all competing products. Powerful hyper surfactants cut through dirt and grime, lift them from sensitive automotive paintwork, then safely lubricate and guide them off the paint for a scratch-free wash. Kool Snow Foam Shampoorinses clean with no residue and even contains water softeners that help reduce hard water spots!
The secret to ArNiGo Kool Snow Foamâ??s high performance detailing capabilities is in the chemistry. Improper washing causes scratches and swirl marks that dull paintwork. Kool
DOES NOT REMOVE WAX OR SEALANTS, OR DRY OUT PLASTIC AND RUBBER pH neutral formula to give your vehicle a thorough wash without stripping any existing waxes or sealants
RINSES CLEAN WITHOUT STREAKS Our chemical formulations allow you to wash your vehicle in full sunlight and suspends any harmful mineral content in your water. This ultra concentrated product creates a slick feel, lubricating all of your paints surfaces as it lifts dirt away, and reduces the chance of ever inducing damage to your clear coat
SAFELY REMOVES DIRT, POLLEN, SOOT, AND OTHER CONTAMINANTS Using a blend of advanced cleaners and polymers, ArNiGO Kool Snow Foam Shampoo holds the thickest, and most sudsy foam that you would have seen during your entire washing experience. While its effective, its also gentle enough on your trim or plastic components
GUARANTEE Proudly made in INDIA, this Hi-Tech Foam Car Wash Shampoo is specially formulated to be the best foaming car wash soap that you have ever used. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and believe that this is THE BEST professional Foam Car Shampoo on the market


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