Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Finish Paste Wax



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Product Description NamasteNamaste PastePaste

Super Hard Shell Finish Paste Wax

Developed to meet the high standards of the auto enthusiast, Turtle Wax Super

Hard Shell Finish Paste Wax beads better and lasts longer. It is formulated for use on all

conventional and clear coat finishes – new or old.

A unique blend of cleaners and waxes remove ingrained dirt and light oxidation.Enhances the surface gloss level.Provides long-lasting protection.Balanced formulation with no harsh abrasives.Gentle cleaners will not cause scratching and swirl marks. Paste WaxPaste Wax

World’s all time largest selling car wax – Renamed in 1953


Directions to use

Step 1: Wash and dry vehicle.Step 2: Dampen applicator, apply a thin uniform coat of product onto one section at a time. For the best results, the finish should be cool to the touch.Step 3: Allow product to slightly haze.Step 4: Remove excess with a soft cotton towel, then buff lightly with a dry polishing cloth.


Do not use on non-painted plastic, wood, decals, or flat paint. Do not use in direct sunlight or if the surface is hot to the touch
Heavy molecular weight silicone polymers add maximum hard shell shine and protection for a rich deep, long lasting shine
Easy on, easy off formula lasts up to 12 months
Fights harmful UV rays


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