Refrigeration and Air conditioning for GTU 18 Course (VII – Mechanical – 3171918 – Pro. Elect. – IV)



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1.Introduction and Refrigerant : Brief history and need of refrigeration and air conditioning, methods of producing cooling, ton of refrigeration, coefficient of performance, types and application of refrigeration and air condensing systems, Recapitulation of desirable properties of refrigerants, secondary refrigerants, future industrial refrigerants. (Chapters – 1, 2) 2.Air refrigeration : Aircraft refrigeration, working and analysis of Simple, Bootstrap, Reduced ambient and Regenerative air refrigeration systems. (Chapter – 3) 3.Compound Compression VCR system : Multiple evaporators with back pressure valves and with multiple expansion valves without flash inter cooling, analysis of two evaporators with flash intercooler and individual expansion valve and multiple expansion valve, cascade refrigeration system. (Chapter-4) 4.Absorption refrigeration system : Practical H2O -NH3 cycle, LiBr – H2O system and its working, h-x diagram and simple calculation of various process like adiabatic mixing and mixing with heat transfer, throttling. (Chapter – 5) 5.Refrigeration system components : Types, construction, working, comparison and selection of compressors, condensers, expansion devices and evaporators; refrigeration piping accessories, evacuation and charging of refrigerant, properties and classification of thermal insulation. (Chapter – 6) 6.Human comfort and Load analysis : Selection of inside design conditions, thermal comfort, heat balance equation for a human being, factors affecting thermal comfort, Effective temperature, comfort chart and factors governing effective temperature, 7.Duct design and air distribution 8.Air-conditioning systems


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