OBAGE DT-2605 100W Home Theater Double Tower Speaker with Bluetooth 5.0, USB, Dual AUX, FM


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Price: ₹10,000.00 - ₹7,349.00
(as of Jan 27,2022 12:47:44 UTC – Details)

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Obage DT-2605 Dual Tower Speaker System

A treat for “Quality Listeners” who enjoy clarity and melody. BUT NOT MEANT FOR LOUD LISTENERS. (This is not for House Party)

“I want melodious and clear sound with heavy bass.” – Most people

“I have melodious and clear sound with heavy bass.” – Obage DT2605

Imagine listening to music late at night, in total silence, at a very low volume of music, still being able to catch every beat, perfect lows, perfect mids and perfect highs. Imagine feeling the wave of lower bass at that time. This is a dream of every music lover and DT-2605 fulfills this dream.

Upper bass, mids and highs are almost flat. Lower bass is boosted for the “feel” of real bass. Listen to music all day long without even feeling a hint of fatigue in the ears. Enjoy a detailed sound with a rich sound stage that you would just not get enough of it.

DT-2605 does NOT boast of loudness. DT-2605 does not want you to shut your ears! It wants you to shut your eyes and catch every detail of the music.

It is certainly not a speaker system to bother your neighbors. It is meant for your personal listening and enjoyment. SOOTHING and MELODIOUS sound of this speaker system, the emphasis on CLARITY and softness of vocals makes it perfect for listening to music for long duration.

Important things to consider while enjoying DT-2605

DT-2605 is already boosted in the lower bass region (40Hz – 60 Hz). Please do not play “Bass Boosted” songs at full volume. Excess bass is harmful for the longevity of any subwoofer. If you like listening to excessive bass music, listen up to a medium volume. It stands true for any woofer based sound system.

It is a Home Audio speaker system. DO NOT use it in outdoor area. DO NOT use it for party purpose.

Take care of the acoustics of the room. An empty room will cause echo effect and bass frequencies will get cancelled at certain spots of the room. It will also decrease the clarity of the speaker system. It is therefore important to have some sound absorbents in the room, for example, furniture or mattress or curtains or carpets. More the sound absorbents, lesser will be the echo effect and more will be the clarity of sound.

Make sure there are no obstacles near the woofers. Both units should be placed at least 3 feet away from each other. Whether to place the speakers on the floor or at a height, it is up to you. You can try and decide for yourself

Avoid playing distorted music on any speaker system. Distortion is bad for the health of speakers.






Sound signature

Sound signature


Clarity Take that punch!

Deep and Real BASS makes it ideal for Bass lovers. The bass does not distort the vocals here. Just take care of the acoustics of your surroundings and DT-2605 will take care of your love for BASS

Noiseless Lossless bluetooth

No background noise during bluetooth operation. Clean connectivity without hassles.

Bass-Heavy sound signature

Upper Bass (the bass that you hear), Mids (vocals mostly) and Highs are almost flat. Lower Bass (the bass that you feel) is boosted. The sound is maintained natural with a little extra thump that almost everybody craves for.

Melody for your Ears

Soothing sound and high clarity makes it perfect for long duration listening without causing any fatigue. Emphasis is given to sound quality rather than sound quantity,

NOT for loudness lovers. NOT for party purpose
Feel the bass even at low volumes. NO SURROUND SOUND


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