CVC FCLUB53 Chain Lube Spray for Two Wheelers-100 ML



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Price: ₹150.00 - ₹90.00
(as of Oct 21,2021 10:55:41 UTC – Details)

Cvc chain lube spray able grease for drive chains specially formulated for instant maintenance and protection of chains. It is a non-dripping, non-staining lubricant which sprays like oil but sticks like grease. It has good penetrating and excellent clinging property to stick on to all types of surfaces. It does not splash from open gears and fast moving surfaces. It generates tacky, long lasting lubri cative film. It is best for bicycle/motorbike chains. It is used for door locks, hinges, wires, bearings, chains, gears etc.
Item Weight: 100 ML
Best for bicycle / motorbike chains. Door locks, hinges, wires, bearings, open gears etc. Squeaking joints in automobiles. House holds appliances. Balance rod of steering wheel.
Non-dripping, non-staining with excellent penetrating property. Sprays like oil and sticks like grease. Generates tacky, long lasting lubri cative film. Through pinpoint application, difficult to reach parts can be lubricated easily.
Reliable performance


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